List of Tools and Website.

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Komik Zone

Komik Zone is an Indonesia comic website that have more than 7,000 comics and more than 40,000 chapters (has been touched) without pop-ads.

Movie, TV Series and Live Website

Watch.mbed.cc is a free Movie website that provide movie, TV Series, and Live TV from around the Internet. this website is operates as an automated platform, curl data from various sources, including similar websites.

Youtube Video & Live Converter

This tools help convert youtube url into video and audio link. With this link, you can download the youtube video or the audio.

Dailymotion Link Grabber

This converter will convert the dailymotion video or live link into dailymotion direct link (hls format).

Nihongo Bridge: Japanese to English Translator & Transliterator

日本語ブリッジ:日本語から英語への翻訳&音訳ツール 日本語ブリッジは、日本語と英語を話す人々の間のギャップを埋めるために設計された革新的なオンラインツールです。日本語のテキストを英語にシームレスに翻訳し、ひらがなとカタカナを使用したユニークな音訳を提供します。この機能は、日本人ユーザーの英語の発音の理解を高め、言語学習者が英単語の音声的側面を把握するのに役立ちます。このウェブサイトはユーザーフレンドリーで正確であり、学生、教育者、異言語間コミュニケーションに関心のある人々にとって欠かせないリソースです Nihongo Bridge is an innovative online tool designed to bridge the gap between Japanese and English speakers. It offers seamless translation of Japanese text into English, accompanied by unique transliterations using Hiragana and Katakana. This feature enhances the understanding of English pronunciations for Japanese users and aids language learners in grasping the phonetic aspects of English words. The website is user-friendly, accurate, and an indispensable resource for students, educators, and anyone interested in cross-lingual communication.